• 75,000 Square Foot Facility
  • 14 Presses
  • 8 mechanical and 6 hydraulic
  • 10 with Fully Automated load / unload
  • 100 to 2500 ton range
  • Part diameters range from 12.7 mm up to 203 mm or .500” to 8.00” *
  • Part lengths from very short to 508 mm or 20.00” *
  • Near Net  Shapes include round, square, rectangle, as well as irregular.* hollow and ribs both internal and external
  • TS 16949, Lean manufacturing
  • Secondary operations, trimming, piercing, ironing, machining and shot blasting among others.

Computer Aided Design Simulation Software

Metal flow, tool stress, forming pressures and potential defect and fold analysis are completed prior to tool build ensuring optimum part quality.

Heat Treatment

Mueller has complete aluminum heat treat capability on site. Aluminum solution heat treat (T4), precipitation age hardening (T6 and T73) and annealing (O). Our furnaces and racking systems consistently permit us to achieve the best mechanical properties possible while minimizing part distortion.

Parts Cleaning

Fully Automated Lube and Cleaning line

Technical Services

Complete metallurgical analysis performed on site. Mueller has equipment to test Full Mechanical Properties, including tensile strength, Brinnel and Rockwell hardness. Chemistry analysis, utilizing optical emission spectroscopy and SEM/EDS analysis using a scanning electron microscope.

Certifications supplied upon request